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"There is not a day goes by that I miss giving my thanks to Alex for designing my lovely home! "

Lois Riseley
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"....Hi Alex
Just today, an elderly woman riding a bicycle was stopped in front of the house staring at it as Richard and I came out.  She asked if we lived there and then went into raptures over the looks of the house, and how much she liked it.  She ended by saying how much she would love it if some day, she could live in a house like this.  
People still stop in the street when walking, or stop their cars and back up to look at the house.
And, of course, we sing your praises every chance we get!
Have a good one,

Arleigh and Richard Stein
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I have done several projects with Alex and I will continue to use his services because working with Alex is always easy. Alex listens to what you want makes good suggestions but remains open and flexible to other options, if that is what you want.  

So far I have completed four projects with Alex. The first was a new commercial building in Newtown Wellington which comprised a retail shop with an apartment above with floor to ceiling windows giving access to a rooftop deck. This project also involved earthquake strengthening of the building next door as the portal frames in the new building were attached to the old building and the internal and far side exterior walls, to hold them up.  Alex worked with the engineer to come up with good solutions to the various problems involved and I am very happy with the end result.

The second project was house alterations which included a Moorish Courtyard with a pond, waterfalls, a bridge and fountain. This also involved an engineer because of the height of the surrounding walls and the volume of water in the pond.

The third project was alterations to another house which included the building of a turret with a double garage workshop. This involved some very innovative solutions to comply with council planning rules, and Alex and I spent quite a bit of time discussing the curve of the roof and what it would look like from the ground and different viewing angles.  I was a bit worried about this but I’m pleased to say that the varying radius curve of the roof is perfect from every angle and I’m very happy with the end result.

The next project we did with Alex, was alterations to a building with four rental units. We built a two level varandah on the front, decks on the back, and four garages plus some landscaping.  This presented quite a few problems in terms of council consents but Alex managed to weave a path through this minefield in order for us to get the project approved without a resource consent, and then completed.

It can be difficult doing alterations to older buildings because you often uncover previous problems and issues which you would rather not know about and which could be potentially very expensive.  Alex’s flexible and practical approach means we have been able to deal with these things in a manner which hasn’t blown our budget to the point of making the projects we have worked on untenable.  

Brian Main
Realized Investments Ltd.


Dear Alex and GreenHAUS team,

Sue & I would like to express our sincere appreciation of the professional services & practical support you gave us in the process of designing & building our first new home. T his was an extended & dynamic period as our plans evolved over several years from a “McMansion” on a large plot to a subdivided small section with an elegant & stylish, light & airy modern townhouse. We acknowledge the efforts you went to ensure a simple yet functional design meeting all our wishlist of contemporary, “look”, security & thermal efficiency, low maintenance, useful working microspaces, while integrating functional storage in all bedrooms & delivering unforeseen spectacular views from key areas (such as the kitchen sink !). It would not have been easy to deliver our “Grand Design” expectations while maintaining our tight budget

The innovative Eco-block/concrete construction method has proven itself in many ways; from the initial speed of building to the moderated warmth from the double insulation layer.  Coupled with the thicker 150mm framing & insulation width for the upper level, the ducted & temperature controlled internal/external split airflow & pressurized hot-water radiator system, this means our total energy bill is very low throughout the year, while maintaining a uniform cosy 20.5degC throughout the 3 levels of the house. We have had no signs of humidity & zero condensation since we moved in 18 months ago.

We also would acknowledge the effective partnership you developed with our builder, with whom you had not worked with before.  As a result of this & your practical approach to work with us all together constructively, our build time & budget were both achieved & the house was quickly signed off for Code Compliance without any significant issue.

We are now having to consider what we will do with the remaining subdivided section;  it’s an empty space & we have more interesting ideas that could require your services again in the near future to build us a second home – which would regrettably necessitate moving from this one.

Regards, Neil & Sue Robertson, Miramar, Wellington
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